Business coaching sessions


The VIP business coaching sessions are one on one sessions where I give you laser attention in business related subjects and ensure that we come out with a workable action and result oriented plan at the end of the session.  We typically work on any of the following areas:

  • glory-edozien-testimonial
  • Business idea generation and purpose alignment

  • Business model development or  re-alignment

  • One year business planning and strategy session

  • Business diagnostics and action plan development

  • Business growth and expansion brainstorming and plan development.

  • Brand strategy development

  • Sales and Marketing strategy session

  • Any other business related topic to ensure you get clarity and direction to create the business and life you truly desire.


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Ø Team power program: This is a 1-4 hour session with you and your team.

Details: This session would hold in a quiet location either within your office premises or a private venue chosen by you.

Fees: N150,000

Fees do not include cost of transportation and accommodation if the session would hold outside Lagos.


  • Two 30 minutes follow up calls with the team or leader within the first month.
  • 4 email feedback on action plan within the first month after the session.


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Business ignite package

Ø Business Ignite program: work with me in four(4)one on one business coaching sessions where I guide you to clarify your business idea, start a new business or fix and grow your current business.

Details: The sessions would in our office premises or a private venue that is mutually convenient. Each session is one hour with room for a 15 min extension. You can spread 4 sessions in one or two month interval. This session can also hold via skype if you are outside Lagos.

Fees: N60,000( you save over 40% when you book these 4 sessions instead of 1)


  • 4 email feedback on action plan within the duration of the sessions.


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Exclusive full vip session

Ø Exclusive full program: this is a One hour one-on-one business coaching session in our office or an agreed location.

Details: This is a laser focused session in a quiet office space

Fees: N25,000 (this session would hold in Lagos)


    • One 30 minutes follow up call with we within the first month.
    • 4 email feedback on action plan within the first month after the session.
    • Session can be recorded on request


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Exclusive phone session

Ø Exclusive phone program: this is a One hour one-on-one business coaching session by phone or skype.

Details: This session would over the phone or via skype at an agreed appointment time and it is great to clarify business challenges or gain understanding if you are planning to start a new business.

Fees: N20,000 (this session is not limited by geographical location)

Bonus: 2 email feedback on action plan within the first month after the session.


Team Power program
Business Ignite program
Exclusive full program
Exclusive phone program
What you want us to cover during the session i.e Business planning, strategy development, Business idea development etc
Date is subject to confirmation of availability
Time is subject to confirmation of availability
This is applicable to all the sessions apart from the phone session